Update 1.16 für Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 verfügbar

Mit Ancient Evil & mehr

News Video Michael Sosinka

Mit "Ancient Evil" wurde gestern das nächste Zombies-Kapitel für "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" veröffentlicht (zuerst auf der PlayStation 4). Das Update liefert allerdings noch mehr, darunter die "Barebones"-Spielvarianten. Ausserdem sind ein Trailer und das Intro-Video zu "Ancient Evil" verfügbar.



  • Free Weapon Crate with guaranteed MKII Signature Weapon now available in the Black Market (PS4).
  • Weapon tuning pass in Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.
  • Reactive Camos now available on all guns (Gold camo no longer required).
  • Reduced potential max amount of flinch while not aiming down sights.
  • Fixes and improvements for Theater, Paintshop, and IU issues.
  • Stability and bug fixes in Multiplayer, World League Hub, and Zombies.


  • Barebones game modes now live in Core and Hardcore (PS4).
  • Ricochet Friendly Fire rules added to all Hardcore modes.
  • XP rewards increased for several medal events.
  • Increased score for collecting an enemy dog tag in Kill Confirmed to 100.
  • Gameplay improvements for various Specialists, Care Package, and Tactical Mask.


  • “Ancient Evil” now live for Black Ops Pass holders (PS4).
  • New Perk available: Zombshell (PS4).
  • New Elixirs available: Suit Up, Dividend Yield, Talkin’ Bout Regeneration, Bullet Boost, and Quacknarok (PS4).
  • New Talismans available: Glowing Phylactery and Battered Dragon Scale (PS4).


  • Sparrow and EMP Disruptor added.
  • Escalating Collapse damage added to counter out-healing others in the final circle.
  • Added co-pilot support for the helicopter and the cargo truck.
  • Reduced glare in the Blackout map when looking toward the sun.
  • Home Wrecker melee weapon now available in Contraband Stashes (PS4).

World League Hub

  • Added ranks 21-30.
  • Ricochet Friendly Fire rules added for all League Play matches.
  • UI and Create-a-Class improvements.

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