Update 1.45 für God Eater 3 zum Download

EX Time Attack Missions enthalten

News Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat für "God Eater 3" das Update 1.45 veröffentlicht, das die sogenannten "EX Time Attack Missions" enthält. Im Changelog stehen die Infos.


New functions and contents:

  • EX Time Attack Missions have been added – Three EX Time Attack Missions have been added, which provide players with mission experience in unusual situation. Please give them a try!


  • New Assault Missions – In the below Assault missions, the Abandoned God Arcs “+1” will have a higher drop rate.
    • Operation Ice Blight
    • Operation Retribution
    • Operation Black Lion
    • Operation Apocalypse
    • Operation Original Sin
    • Operation Last Twilight
  • Revised unexpected behaviors that happened when restarting a Time Attack Mission for more comfortable gameplay.