Version 1.30 für God Eater 3

Im Video vorgestellt

News Video Michael Sosinka

Bandai Namco Entertainment hat ein neues Video zu "God Eater 3 veröffentlicht, in dem es um das Update 1.30 geht, das noch im Frühjahr 2019 erscheinen soll. Man darf sich unter anderem auf eine zusätzliche Story-Episode freuen. Die Übersicht hat die Details. Das Update 1.22 ist bereits jetzt erhältlich.

Post-Game Additional Story Episode

  • The major content addition of the version 1.30 update is the new story episode available after clearing the game, complete with voice-overs.
  • Development continued on the long-underway “Counter-Adaptive Armor” spearheaded by Ein and the Hounds. Once this technology is completed, the Hounds will have established a “new business.” The establishment of a business should be the first step towards the realization of the protagonist and company’s dream. As they get going, Ein introduces them to a new companion: Neil, Zeke’s younger brother.

Keith and Neil Join the Party

  • Keith, who is equipped with skills that utilize his qualities as a mechanic, mainly attacks at close range and provides the party support, while Neil mostly acts on his own without intervening in the party and specializes in enemy scouting.

New Aragami

  • “Ameno Havakiri” and “Ash Storm Anubis” will appear as new Aragami. Ameno Havakiri fights using different attacks from the standard Havakiri and Fallen Havakiri, and Ash Storm Anubis boasts significantly different traits from the standard Anubis and Anubis Deny.

Additional Burst Arts and Burst Arts Effects

  • A few new Burst Arts have been added for each God Arc. Also, countless Burst Art Effects derived from Aragami techniques have been added.

New Costumes and Accessories

  • Several new costumes and accessories have been added.