Weitere Inhalte für Quake Champions enthüllt

Arcade-Mode, neue Map, neuer Waffen-Skin & Athena

News Michael Sosinka

Bethesda und id Software haben auf der PAX West 2018 in Seattle das September-Update für "Quake Champions" vorgestellt.


Das nächste grosse Update für "Quake Champions" wurde während des Live-Developer-Streams auf der PAX West 2018 in Seattle detailliert vorgestellt. Es bietet neben einer Vielzahl von Balance-Änderungen eine neuen Karte, einen Waffen-Skin, einen weiteren Champion, den Arcade-Modus und mehr. Der Release erfolgt im Laufe des Septembers. Nachfolgend seht ihr die Übersicht.

Arcade Mode

  • Spice things up with these specialty modes – coming soon in the September Update! Arcade Mode games will be featured in the ‘Play Now’ screen and rotate on a regular basis, adding new and interesting ways to show your stuff in the Arena.
  • Some examples of game modes you’ll see in Arcade Mode include:
    • Hot Rockets: All Champions spawn with just the Rocket Launcher. Oh, and those Launchers happen to have infinite ammo and QUAD DAMAGE.
    • Mystery Champion: Start with a random Champion and spawn as a different one each time you’re fragged. The best part? You can spawn as Champions you haven’t unlocked yet!
    • Team Instagib: The one-hit-to-frag classic, now with support for two teams of four!
    • Unholy Trinity: Weapon pickups no longer appear on the map. However, you spawn with Quake’s trifecta of iconic weapons – the Rocket Launcher, the Railgun and the Lightning Gun!
    • Sacrifice: The Soul-seizing, Obelisk-capturing 4v4 fan favorite returns!

New Map – Longest Yard

  • What the best way to enjoy new gameplay modes? Why, with a new place to play them!
  • Longest Yard joins the Quake Champions rotation of maps with the September Update. Test your Rocket Jumping skills along precarious floating platforms suspended above an endless, spiraling abyss inspired by the elder god Volkerh!

New Weapon Skin and Features

  • We’re bringing a classic weapon skin to Quake Champions. You may already be familiar with this beauty from Quake II but allow us the pleasure of (re)introducing the new Super Shotgun skin: Painkiller!
  • The September update will also add support for Bot Backfill in matches, helping ensure that each match has a full roster of players to frag. Speaking of full rosters, this update will also include Party support for all game modes. That means that your four-stack of friends won’t have to leave the Party to play free-for-all modes like Instagib – perfect for you social Quakers out there!

New Champion: Athena – Coming Soon to PTS!

  • Saving the best for last, a new Champion swings her way into the Arena! A familiar face from Quake’s past, Athena is the next playable combatant in Quake Champions.
  • Utilizing her trusty Grappling Hook, Athena can traverse the Dreamlands’ intimidating spires and vantage points with ease. Not only does the Hook grant considerable verticality and movement, but also a convenient getaway for Athena whenever a fight just isn’t going her way.
  • Athena will be available to try out as part of the Public Test Server in mid-September, with plans to debut in the main game later on.