Update 10 für State of Decay 2 veröffentlicht

Kürzere Ladezeiten & neuer Charakter

News Michael Sosinka

Undead Labs hat für das Zombie-Survival-Spiel "State of Decay 2" das Update 10 veröffentlicht, das unter anderem die Ladezeiten verkürzt und die Datengrösse des Spiels verringert. Zudem kommt mit dem "Bounty Broker" ein neuer Charakter dazu.



  • Large reductions to load times and to the size of the game on the hard drive.
  • Gameplay improvements to dodging, using items, and targeting interactions.
  • An oft-requested re-balance of the Red Talon recruits.
  • A restoration of the long-lost military character models.

Bounty Broker

  • The Bounty Broker is a new character who provides you with a straightforward way to try out new gear as it is added to the game — you just have to complete a few jobs for him first. Here's what you do:
  • Track the Bounty Broker down at his van in Cascade Hills, Drucker County, or Meagher Valley.
  • Talk to him to see a catalog of available gear, and the bounties you must complete to earn it.
  • Select the bounties you want to pursue. They appear in the upper-right corner of your HUD, and persist across all your communities.
  • Complete the bounties and return to the Bounty Broker to receive the promised gear as your reward.
  • Once you've unlocked a piece of gear, you can buy additional copies of it for Influence, in any community.
  • The initial catalog features bounties that unlock the new Critical Response weapons (listed below).
  • We also included the World War II weapons from the previous pack, unlocked by default for everyone. This replaces the Historical Weapons Dealer, who will no longer appear.

Critical Response Weapons Pack

  • The Critical Response Weapons Pack is a celebration of police and firefighters in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. It includes the following weapons:


  • Police Sniper Rifle (5.56mm Scoped Rifle)
  • RC-9 Police Carbine (9mm Sighted Rifle)
  • Police M590A1 (Pump-Action Shotgun)
  • SWAT 416 (5.56mm Assault Rifle)
  • UMP SMG (.45 Caliber Submachine Gun)
  • MP5SD (9mm Suppressed Submachine Gun)
  • Backup Boss (9mm Revolver)
  • G34 (9mm Pistol)
  • G26 (9mm Pistol)

Melee Weapons

  • High-Angle Rescue Hatchet (Bladed)
  • Military Riot Club (Blunt)
  • Police Riot Club (Blunt)
  • Metal Nightstick (Blunt)

Close Combat Weapons

  • Police Knife
  • Rescue Knife

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